Scroll down to learn more about the WEClimate App, and CLICK HERE to submit your contact information to be notified when the App is available for your device, as part of the EARLY ACCESS CAMPAIGN.

You can also CLICK HERE to view the Version 1 screens for WEClimate which will support the ME-WE-GREEN Programme.

The WEClimate App is almost here! Now we can have fun learning about climate change and what we can do to adapt and help make things better. The First Version (V1) of the WEClimate App being launched soon supports the ME-WE-GREEN vetiver grass programme! This will allow any user to learn more about vetiver grass and the Vetiver System (VS) through short videos and graphics in the Learning Library, while also allowing anyone with land slippage or erosion concerns and needs in their communities and properties around the country to – Register A Site – providing photo(s), challenge description, contact info, and location geo-tag. This will allow the IAMovement team to respond with follow up phone calls to finalize site assessments, and then to come and assist with vetiver plant supply, installation and training at applicable sites across T&T!

The Second Version (V2) of the App will feature A LOT more exciting functionalities. There will be more learning material on climate issues and solutions through videos, films and graphics in the Library; more gamified functions and opportunities to partake in challenges, earn green points, and use self-assessment tools; and the ability to access and give inputs to relevant climate policy being developed, amongst other things!

Now our voices can be better heard as one Caribbean people that want our islands and planet to be safe and secure and resilient against the extreme weather changes and events we are experiencing due to climate change. Use the app to share your thoughts and ideas by engaging with the content. Let’s create a better direction for our country, community and family!

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