IAMovement is a non-profit organization which was founded in 2014 by a group of young people in Trinidad & Tobago who felt a strong common need to effect positive environmental and social change. We do so through activities and events to educate and empower others, raise awareness on key social, environmental and economic issues, and have become a platform for discussion and dialogue on important issues at a national level.

Current Activities

R.O.Q. Trinidad Rehabilitation Of Quarries Project

IAMovement is embarking on a 1-year project supported by the GEF SGP UNDP called, ‘Building Climate Resilience through community led Rehabilitation’, working closely with the Trust For Sustainable Livelihoods and many other collaborating partners, to train 30 community members from the Turure area to become “Quarry Rehabilitation Champions”. Participants will engage in a diverse program of in-class learning and field quarry rehabilitation implementation which will focus on use of vetiver grass and the Vetiver System (VS), channelling organic waste streams to the quarry such as leaves and vegetal debris, and sargassum seaweed for mulching to build back organic matter and topsoil, and extensive reforestation with native and useful/fruiting trees. This project falls under ‘The Integrating Water, Land and Ecosystems Management in Caribbean Small Island Developing States (GEF-IWEco Project) which builds upon the work of previous initiatives, to address water, land and biodiversity resource management as well as climate change. In Trinidad & Tobago, IWEco’s goal is to rehabilitate 50 acres of land over a 4-year period. During the next year, there will also be an expansion in knowledge sharing and training on vetiver grass use in handicrafts making, and growth in the community supported brand “House of Vetiver”.

Climate Talk

Climate Talk takes the climate conversation forward in T&T. Under Climate Talk, the short documentary film “Small Change” produced by IAMovement is being shown in some 40 schools, organizations and public spaces throughout 2017, accompanied by interactive open floor discussions about the many social, economic and environmental benefits which T&T can experience by ‘going green’. Other activities include the production of a short 3-minute infographic video on Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency in T&T, and the SERVOL Organic School Garden Programme.

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