Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 7 am to 6 pm
Phone: 224-3236

WE CAFÉ is a small public café located at #3 Crystal Stream, Diego Martin, which has been created as a space to promote and support conscious social and environmental thinking. It’s a place for persons coming together to meet, collaborate, share ideas, and connect in a positive and earth-conscious setting over a local cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. It’s also a good spot to stop to take a break in the middle of one’s day to enjoy some personal time to read, work, relax and get nourished by locally produced, healthy and environmentally conscious food and beverages.

Along with the ready-for-consumption products typically found in a café, WE CAFÉ is also a light storefront where the public can find and purchase a growing number of products for practical and fashion use which support and promote a lifestyle of ethically, environmentally and health conscious consumption; either through the way the goods are produced, the materials they are made from, their production locally in ways which support communities, their positive and uplifting messages, or their health supporting qualities.

While being an entity which promotes these visions to the public, WE CAFÉ also is also a living example of collaboration and partnership, where WE CAFÉ itself is the home and public space to a number of other environmentally and ethically conscious entities also contributing to these common goals. WE CAFÉ is also the storefront and public sharing and gathering space of:

Cocoa Republic

Cocoa Republic: A T&T based chocolate company which produces and promotes the local production of high quality Trinitario chocolate is a way where farmers can see greater economic and social benefits coming from their cocoa production, and the wider public can enjoy a taste of one of our most famous local delicacies home-grown and home-made here in Trinidad & Tobago

Twigs Naturals Logo

Twigs Naturals: A T&T based tea business bringing a host of healthy herbal concoctions made with local plants some of which are not commonly available; all locally produced and supporting local farmers and entrepreneurs

House Of Vetiver

House of Vetiver: A line of products made from locally grown vetiver plants using the leaves and naturally fragrant roots, and which includes beautiful baskets, mats, chairs, root bundles, soaps, Christmas ornaments, and more – which are both carbon negative (having a positive environmental impact) and support livelihoods in the local communities such as Paramin, where they are produced.

Amare Probiotics Logo

Amare Probiotics: A 100% locally produced line of beverages and food items which are produced making use of local ingredients as well as traditionally sourced probiotic bacterial cultures, which both taste fantastic and promote healthy digestive and immune systems which have been proven to have immeasurable positive impact on overall human biological, emotional and mental health.

IAMovement Logo

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