Go Green

There are a number of ways in which we can begin to live in a more environmentally conscious way in Trinidad & Tobago. There are organisations and companies that are working towards facilitating the change to a more ‘green’ T&T that some people may not be aware of. If you belong to an organisation or company that would like to be listed on this page, please tell us here so that we can include you. Here’s a list of small changes you can make right now that will help to bring about a big change.

Reduce the volume of plastics deposited in Trinidad’s dumps
Learn how with Plastikeep

Recycle your glass bottles
Learn how with Carib Glass

Recycle your plastic, glass, tetrapaks and aluminium cans
Learn how with iCare TT

Recycle paper materials such as shredded papers, brochures, books, magazines, calendars, newspapers, bristol boards etc.
Learn how with Ace Recycling Ltd.

Recycle your batteries
Learn how with Green Warriors

Use environmentally-friendly packaging instead of styrofoam
Learn how with Hello Green

Use solar energy
Learn how with SMART energy

Use green architecture design
Learn how with Fojo Design & Develop

Properly dispose of E-Waste or Hazardous Electronic Waste such as computer systems, monitors, laptops, televisions, VHS, DVD players, medical & bio-medical equipment, copiers, printers, telecommunication and networking equipment, handheld devices, cellular phones, batteries, microwaves, air-condition units and any other type of electronics.
Learn how with Recyclage E-Waste Management Limited

Properly dispose of E-Waste, glass bottles, cans, paper, plastic, toners, waste oil, oily rags and fluorescent tubes
Learn how with Piranha International Ltd

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