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Launch A National Organic Standard & Certification Process for Trinidad & Tobago

It is necessary to have a regulatory board that recognizes the value of “organic” food production in our country. This will include an organic label and standard that is recognized by growers, consumers, public and private parties nation-wide. This body is responsible for the organic certification process and doing the necessary farm visits to ensure that the farm/ grower is growing under agreed upon rules/ regulations and with transparent records.

Take action to support renewable energies in Trinidad & Tobago

We are addressing this petition to the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries , Government of Trinidad and Tobago to support the growth and development of the renewable energy industry. We are calling for them to make a change in legislation to facilitate homeowners implementing solar panels; provide subsidies for renewable energy businesses and remove VAT tariffs to encourage home installations; and carry out large scale national projects to produce wind and solar energy locally.

Ban the usage of Polystyrene containers in Trinidad and Tobago

Styrofoam, also known as Polystyrene, a commonly used product in Trinidad and Tobago has many detrimental impacts to to our health and the environment. Especially when heated, toxic chemicals can seep out of it contaminating our food and can result in negative impacts on human health. Furthermore, Styrofoam is often discarded as litter, polluting our streets, oceans and bays, takes hundreds of years to decompose, and is known to break into small pieces choking animals. Other smaller islands have made the necessary steps towards implementing policies to ban these harmful products from being used.

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