SERVOL’s Junior Life Centre

SERVOL’s Junior Life Centre in Cascade provides education for children who were not placed in a secondary school following the SEA (Secondary Entrance Assessment) exam. In a typical school year, 40 students attend, ages 11-16 with the majority being male. The students are taught basic math and english but do not really have exposure to sports, art or music.

Having the belief that education should not just be about academics and that exposure to more varied activities can lead to the discovery of undiscovered talents and overall personal betterment, IAMovement began facilitating extra curricular activities at the school.

Unfortunately, we were not able to continue facilitating these extra curricular activities on an ongoing basis due to lack of volunteers. However, since March 2015, through the programmes and activities IAMovement ran at the school, we have been able to engage the students in mural painting, hand drumming, break dancing, skateboarding and slacklining. We would love to continue some of these activities with the students on an ongoing basis and would greatly appreciate any help in this regard. If you have the time and knowledge to run an extra curricular activity at the school, please let us know via our “Become A Volunteer” form.

Special Events

Global Dignity Day

On Wednesday 28th October 2015, together with The World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community – Port of Spain Hub, IAMovement facilitated a Global Dignity Day event atSERVOL’s Junior Life Centre in Cascade. Global Dignity Day is an internationally celebrated day aimed at empowering the youth by encouraging them to voice their challenges, growth experiences and resolutions through different activities; and in this way bring dignity to their individual stories. Typically on Global Dignity Day, a local role model is invited to share their own experiences in facing fear and experiencing failure along their path to success. West Indies cricketer, Daren Ganga, shared his story and generously donated a cricket bat to a young cricketer at the school. To see photos from the day’s activities, visit our Facebook page

Earth Day

IAMovement celebrated Earth Day at SERVOL’s Junior Life Centre in Cascade on Monday 27th March 2017 with some environmentally conscious and fun activities. We started a school garden project with the students and showed and discussed our documentary “Small Change” and “A Quiet Revolution”, a short film about permaculture and organic farming in Trinidad. We also talked about recycling and bio-packaging alternatives to styrofoam with the support of Hello Green. Prizes were given out during Q & A sessions about the topics discussed and the students had fun tie-dying t-shirts, mural painting, slacklining and being moko jumbies. It was both a fun and educational day. Thanks again to the High Commission of Canada to Trinidad and Tobago for supporting our Climate Talk series and Earth Day at SERVOL – and to all the volunteers who made the day extra fun and possible! To see photos from the day’s activities, visit our Facebook page

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