Handicrafts Development Coordinator

The Handicrafts Development Coordinator shall perform the following listed standard duties related to management of the designated TTT1082 “Building on Vetiver” Handicraft Program and additional agreed organizational responsibilities for IAMovement – House of Vetiver initiative as outlined below.

  1. Review of past vetiver handicraft training programs completed in Trinidad, by liaising with relevant coordinators; to understand successes, lessons learned, and where community and individual trainees are now with levels of knowledge and interest in ongoing craft production.
  2. Define database of trained community persons and handicraft producers in T&T who can and are interested in contributing to and working with the handicrafts brand ‘House of Vetiver’ moving forward; as well as listing of those who wish to continue producing crafts on a personal level and selling privately, if applicable.
  3. Develop eight month (8) plan for implementation of remaining activities under handcrafts project component towards achieving goals; namely:
  4. Refinement and improvement of House of Vetiver branding and development of marketing strategy including use of social media
  5. Product placement on local markets (stores – approximately 8 by end of 2020), and exploration for placement on international markets if feasible (online or otherwise)
  6. Develop systems for local handicraft producers to supply and sell crafts through House of Vetiver to meet local and international market demands
  7. Register and carry out several sales market events (approx. 4 in 2020)
  8. Implementation of marketing strategy, including social media management
  9. Plan and develop marketing materials, such as catalogue, website, with attention for aesthetic, content, goals and target audience, costing, etc. www.iamovement.org
  10. Manage sales tracking systems; refine as needed
  11. Analyse craft and brand possibilities throughout work period, and generate recommendations on best way forward for brand/business sustainability; for this may also consider other ongoing activities and expansions of training taking place locally and regionally;
  12. Other needs related to vetiver handicrafts development component which may arise during project period


The Handicrafts Development Coordinator possesses the following qualifications and skills:

  1. Bachelor’s in Business, Marketing, Social Sciences, Environmental Sustainability, or equivalent.
  2. Two (2) or more years experience working in sales and accounts management, product development, marketing, client-relations; experience with community-NGO projects and/or social environmental sustainability will be preferred.
  3. Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, MSProject)
  4. Basic financial records management skills
  5. Preparedness to work in a dynamic environment with other members of the project team, and to effectively manage communications and develop good relationships with project partners, stakeholders, participating community groups and individuals, etc.
  6. Excellent oral and written communication skills
  7. High level of leadership skills and autonomy
  8. Excellent attitude and good team player; while also able to work independently
  9. Ability and willingness to adapt and take on new roles and responsibilities as projects evolve and develop

Payment and Period of Contract

For Services rendered, total compensation to the Handicrafts Development Coordinator is as follows:

Compensation of USD $1,000.00 per month, for a period of eight (8) months, between February 2020 and June 2021. The activities implementation plan may allow for this work period to work flexible, where all eight (8) months need-not be run back-to-back. This will be discussed and agreed upon with the selected candidate as deemed appropriate.

Performance Standards

The Handicrafts Development Coordinator undertakes to perform the Services with the highest standards of professional and ethical competence and integrity.

If the Handicrafts Development Coordinator fails to complete any or all of the Services during the period of employment,  IAMovement reserves rights to terminate the Contract.


The Handicrafts Development Coordinator shall not, during the term of this Contract and within two years after its expiration, disclose any proprietary or confidential information relating to the Services, this Contract or IAMovement or operations without the prior written consent of the Directors of IAMovement.

Ownership of Material

Any studies, reports or other material, graphic, software or otherwise, prepared by the Handicrafts Development Coordinator for IAMovement under the Contract shall belong to and remain the property of IAMovement. The Handicrafts Development Coordinator may retain a copy of such documents and software however will not be allowed to disclose such information with express written approval of IAMovement.


The Handicrafts Development Coordinator will be responsible for personal insurance coverage.

Conflict of Interest

The Handicrafts Development Coordinator:

(a) Agrees that, during the term of this Contract, the Handicrafts Development Coordinator shall be disqualified from independently providing goods, works or services (other than the Services and any continuation thereof) for any other side-line contract within this project, unless clearly agreed upon with IAMovement. After the cessation of this contract period, the Project Coordinator shall be free to pursue other work and contracts related to the project so long as this does not result in direct conflict of interest or harm to IAMovement’s position.

(b) Agrees that, during the term of this Contract not to enter into any other contract for the provision of services that may be in conflict with the Services assigned to the Project Coordinator, or hamper their ability to perform required duties;

The Handicrafts Development Coordinator shall not communicate to any person or other entity any unpublished information made known to him by IAMovement in the course of the performance of its obligations under the terms of this agreement, except with the prior written consent by IAMovement.


The rights and obligations of the Handicrafts Development Coordinator are strictly limited to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Accordingly, it shall not be entitled to any benefit, payments, subsidy, compensation, entitlement or other expenses except as expressly provided in this Agreement.

Working Hours and Assignment

The Handicrafts Development Coordinator shall operate in a part-time position of approximately thirty (30) hours per week, with some flexibility at the IAMovement office location in Crystal Stream, Diego Martin, and remotely (as will be discussed and agreed with the selected candidate), and where performance expectations will be based project deliverables. It will be important for the Handicrafts Development Coordinator to work alongside the project team (the Project Coordinator and M&E Specialist) as needed throughout the project; and where applicable working tasks and hours shall also include ‘fieldtime’ for community related activities, stakeholder meetings, logistics, marketing and product awareness outreach, etc.

The Handicrafts Development Coordinator shall not assign this Contract or sub-contract any portion of it without the prior written consent of IAMovement.

Non-Discrimination and Inclusivity

Where IAMovement is an organization based on principles of inclusion and represents and stands for diversity equal rights and nondiscrimination, the Handicrafts Development Coordinator shall maintain these principles in representing the organization at all times, and demonstrate inclusivity among all members, partners, stakeholders on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, marital status, sexual orientation, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, and military status.

Law Governing Contract

The Contract shall be governed by the laws of Trinidad and Tobago

Dispute Resolution

Any dispute arising out of the Contract, which cannot be amicably settled between the parties, shall be referred to mediation and in the event the mediation process does not settle the dispute, then it shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the laws of Trinidad and Tobago.

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